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Investor-Residency (Golden Visa)

This permit can be obtained with an investment of at least 500.000€ in Spanish property (one or several)

  • It is also possible to apply for this residency by depositing 1 million Euros in a Spanish bank account investment fund.
  • Applications can be made with the spouse & children under 18 years
  • It is also possible to obtain permanent Residency in Spain and Spanish Citizenship.

Self-Employed (Business owner)

Start or Expand your own business to obtain Spainish Residency.

  • You are required to have a business plan and enough funds to set-up and live for the duration of the first period (1 year).
  • Once you have achieved 5 years as Self-Employed with Spain Residence, the renewal of your permit be issued as a permanent resident card.
  • Must spend more than 6 months in Spain to be eligible for renewal of your Residency in Spain.

Non-Lucrative (Retired / No-Work Income)

This residency does not permit work or employment.

  • This residency is for applicants who wish to retire in Spain or for those who have income from abroad without the requirement to work.
  • Applications can be with the spouse and children, who are dependents.
  • There are 3 periods of validity, after which the applicant, meeting certain criteria, can be eligible for a permanent Spain Residence card.
  • You are required to have Spanish residency, either rented or in ownership.
  • It takes around 45 days to get the required application paperwork ready. Then between 3 – 8 weeks to be approved and to obtain Spain Residence after the application is made.

Digital-Nomad (Remote-Worker)

This visa permits Non-Residents of Spain to work remotely for forgien companies while living in Spain.

  • Permits Non-Residents to live in Spain to work remotely with Non-Spanish companies.
  • Applications can be include first family members, spouse and children up to 18 years of age, who are non-dependents.
  • Apply directly from Spain or from your country of origin.
  • Fast-track remote application of 5 weeks.
  • This permission will facilitate a visa to work remotely and permit residence permit applications.

Our services allow you to apply for Residency in Spain, renew your current Spanish Residency, secure a Permanent Spainish Residence and obtain Spanish Citizenship with a Spanish Passport. All services are offered for immigration in Spain in various languages and cover everything required to allow you and your family to work, live or retire in Spain. Once your Spanish Residency is achieved, you will have freedom of movement to visit most of countries in Europe, with only your Spanish Residency card.​

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FAQ: Non-EU Residents

To obtain your Spanish Residency certificate we will present for you:

  • Your foreigner’s tax number: ´NIE´.
  • Your proof of health insurance or the form S1 should you be a pensioner.
  • A bank receipt to confirm payment for the ´Residencia´.
  • A fully and correctly completed residency application form.
  • Your valid and in-date passport. (Certified Attestation if required)
  • Proof of income which demonstrates the required amounts.

´Residencia´, meaning residence, gives legal permission to stay in Spain and has two different versions:
For Non-EU citizens – this is a blue and pink card which contains the personal details and passport photo.
For EU citizens – it is a green card which contains your personal details and no photo.

You will be classified a Spanish resident when you spend more than 183 days (roughly six months) in Spain in any one calendar year, these days do not have to be consecutive. This applies to expatriates and owners of homes in Spain. 

If you plan to spend more than 90 days in Spain, you will need to apply for residency, classified as ´Residencia´ in Spain.
EU nationals with the right to live and work in Spain with mostly similar rights that Spanish citizens have.

To obtain permanent residency in Spain and to be able to apply for citizenship, it is required to meet the 10-years of residence criteria and have lived continuously for a minimum of 5-years in Spain, immediately prior to the application.

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