Non-Lucrative Residency (Retirement / International-Income / Remote Income-Management)


The Non-Lucrative Residency Permit is for applicants who wish to retire in Spain, or for those that are able to manage their mode of income remotely.
This permit requires proof of receiving a regular income from anywhere in the world either from a business activity, corporate dividends or interest on investments. It does not however allow the applicant to officially work in Spain.

Can I apply for Spanish Residency with my family?

Yes, it is possible to apply with your spouse and children who are dependents.

How long is the permit for?

Non Lucrative Residency are 3 periods of validity. Initially, a 1-year Spanish residency permit is granted, followed by two 2-year residency renewals after which the applicant, meeting certain criteria. And it can be eligible for a permanent Spanish residency card.

It is also possible to apply for Spanish Citizenship (10 years of residency required).

What is the eligibility criteria?

Non Lucrative Residency Criteria:
The main applicant must be able to prove a monthly income of at least 4 times the I.P.R.E.M. (532€ x 4). And an additional 532€ per each family member co-applicant.
For example, a family with 3 members will have to prove a monthly income of 6 times the I.P.R.E.M., or approximately 3,200€ per month.

You are also required to have a place to stay, either rented or in ownership.  You are also required to have a bank account with enough funds for the duration of your Spanish residency permit.

Finally, you are required to have a clean criminal record in the country where you have lived in the last 4 years. And private medical insurance, in Spain.

What other requirements do I need to comply with?

Children under the age of 16 will have to be enrolled in a school, whether public or private, as this is a nationwide obligation.

How long can the process take?

It may take in the region of 45 days to get the required application paperwork ready.  It may take between 3 – 8 weeks to be approved from date of application, depending on the Consulate and the time of the year.

Do I have to spend more than 6 months in Spain?

By law, you are required to spend more than 6 months in Spain to be eligible for renewal of the Spain residency permit. If you do not spend this time the authorities may not renew the permit although this is not always the case. However, it is important that you are aware that there is a risk of rejection should the authorities detect that you have not been in the country for at least 6 months per year, either in one period or in alternate periods.

To ultimately qualify for permanent Spain residency. And the applicant must show that he/she has not been out of the country for more than 10 months in a 5-year period.

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