Spain enters a phase in the pandemic where the public is free to circulate externally without facemasks.

As of 26 May 2021, the public are free to circulate externally Spain entry without a facemasks provided social distancing of 1.5 meters is maintained. The use of a facemask remains obligatory in all internal-public-spaces and public-transport.

For visits to Spain; all those who can demonstrate they have been vaccinated against Covid with a recognised vaccine are free to enter Spain, regardless of their country of origin or travel.

So far, the recognised and accepted vaccines are:

  • Pfizer
  • Moderna
  • Astra Zenica
  • Janssen
  • Sinopharm
  • Sinovac-Coronavac

Despite the end of the ´State Of Alarm´ and the ability to to circulate externally without the use of a facemask, the following is to be continued to be legally adhered with, within Spanish territory:

    • Obligatory use of face-masks in all internal-public-spaces, no matter of social distancing
    • Obligatory use of face-masks on all public transport
    • Social distancing of 1.5 meters should be carried out at all times
    • Health controls at Spanish airports

Do you have questions regarding residency in Spain?

Please send us a message below and we will legally advise on how you can proceed.

Permanent residency is obtained after 5 years of Spanish Residency through Self-Empoyed Residency or Non-Lucrative Residency or Residency through Investment. This followed by 5 years as a permanent resident and means you can then obtain Spanish Citizenship with a Spanish Passport.

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