Residencies Offering Access to Work in Spain

Residencies Which Offer Access to Work in Spain

Spain, a beacon of new beginnings for countless foreigners, beckons with promises of a fresh chapter. Yet, threading the path of this promising journey calls for paid employment, whether as an employee or as a self-employed individual, this post allows you to see the residencies which offer access to work in Spain.

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However, the reality often diverges from the dream. Navigating the labyrinthine corridors of a Spanish work permit can feel like an insurmountable quest, with lengthy lists of requisites and limited job openings exacerbating the challenge.

Fear not, for within this awaits a tapestry of solutions – not one, but seven, distinct pathways to legal work in Spain. Aan array of alternatives that sidestep the intricate web of a conventional work permit, allowing you to step into employment without the arduous trappings.

In these pages, you shall unearth a treasury of residency permits that not only grant you the right to toil on Spanish soil but also extend an invitation to the broader array of possibilities.

Absolutely, for those from beyond the European Union’s borders who seek to make Spain their workplace for over 90 days, securing residency is the key to lawful employment.

Whether you aim to be a cog in a corporate wheel or chart your entrepreneurial course, obtaining a residence permit becomes imperative.

As foreigners embark on this journey, the initial focus often centers on the conventional work permit, its requisites, and the path to its attainment. However, the truth beckons – Spain offers a constellation of residencies, each a gateway to economic activities. This article unveils the complete tapestry.

Your task henceforth: to assess these options and embark on a journey tailored to your circumstances, potentially streamlined by more agile processes and requirements.

Non-European citizens are not the sole beneficiaries; European Union citizens, too, must traverse the path of residency for work. Yet, the EU registration certificate adds an element of simplicity, rendering the road to employment relatively smoother.

The Seven Residency Permits that Open the Doors to Work in Spain

Let us embark on an exploration of these seven distinct residencies that not only encompass the privilege of dwelling and abiding in Spain but also grant you the legal right to engage in employment.


In the wake of the monumental immigration law reform on August 22nd, 2022, a newfound horizon beckons for holders of student visas. A canvas unfurls wherein foreign students in Spain can commit up to 30 hours each week to work, provided it harmonizes with their academic endeavors.

Thus, being a student visa holder translates to an experience akin to a full-time job, albeit with an additional ten hours. The crux of this transformation lies in the seamless fusion of student status with employment, eliminating the need for supplementary immigration proceedings post-job offer.

A remarkable facet: your student Visa card (TIE) already imprints your eligibility to work, provided you have enrolled in a course and institution listed on the RUCT registry.

And when the academic voyage concludes, the vista of transition to a work permit unfurls, bridging student aspirations to a more enduring work realm.


For those dwelling in the shadows of illegal status within Spain, Arraigo presents an opportunity rooted in connection. Whether kinship, labor, or extended stay, Arraigo weaves a path to legal residency.

This one-year haven facilitates work engagement, whether as an employee or a self-employed individual, based on the specifics of your Arraigo application. Upon the year’s close, a transition beckons to a two-year residency, encompassing the privilege of work.

However, a note of distinction is crucial – the recently minted “arraigo para la formación” does not extend work rights. As its name implies, it permits legal study within the Spanish terrain.


In the labyrinthine corridors of Spanish residency, the golden visa emerges as a beacon for non-EU investors. A minimum investment of €500,000 in Spanish real estate bequeaths a three-year residency, renewable with a mere annual visit.

Yet, beneath the veneer of investment, lies the treasure trove of employment. A nugget of information often obscured: the golden visa harbors the potential for entrepreneurial pursuits and corporate stewardship, even paving the way to managing directorship.

As the holder of a Spanish golden visa, your realm extends beyond mere habitation to encompass the helm of entrepreneurial ventures.


For those entwined in the familial embrace of Spanish or EU citizens domiciled in Spain, the journey to residency takes on a gentler hue.

A five-year residency card opens doors not just to dwelling but also to lawful employment. Spouses, children under 21, and ascendants over 65 of the EU citizen can revel in this privilege, founded upon the nexus of kinship and the financial sufficiency of the EU relative.

For deeper insight, a deeper delve into this process lies ahead.


A new era dawns for remote laborers, as Spain rolls out the red carpet for digital nomads. No longer reliant on erroneously employed non-lucrative visas, the dawn of the digital nomad visa ushers in a legitimate alternative.

The year 2023 heralds a paradigm shift with the advent of the digital nomad visa – a three-year abode that envelopes remote workers affiliated with foreign enterprises or dispersed income sources across the globe.

Success in this endeavor hinges on showcasing the operational history of your employing company for at least a year, alongside a three-month labor association and an endorsement of your remote work.

Beyond the realm of employment, this visa unveils a unique tax regime that translates into potential savings.


Residencies which offer access to work in Spain

For those bearing a technical mantle and the mantle of a master’s degree, an employment offer of over €45,000 per year (gross) renders the conventional work permit passé.

Enter the highly-qualified visa, the counterpart alternative rooted in the entrepreneur’s law. Designed to entice managers and technical virtuosos, particularly within tech domains, this visa streamlines application procedures and widens the aperture for job opportunities.

Should you meet these requisites, the realm of advantages unfolds, potentially reaping substantial rewards.


For the aspiring architects of their enterprise, Spain presents two avenues. One can trudge the intricate terrain of a regular work permit as a self-employed worker, an avenue often laced with complexities.

Alternatively, the path of the entrepreneur visa emerges – a three-year residency under the aegis of the Entrepreneur’s law, replete with amplified benefits.

This avenue extends its arms to those who chart a course of innovation within Spain, replete with technological innovation, be it algorithms or AI. The business plan takes center stage, epitomizing your trajectory, fostering the Spanish economy’s ascent.

Embarking upon this journey necessitates a pivotal decision. Will you be a self-employed artisan of your venture or tread the entrepreneur’s path, replete with its advantages?

In closing, the panorama of work residencies in Spain unfurls, a diverse landscape beyond the conventional work permit. Armed with this compendium, you’re equipped to navigate a realm of opportunities, casting aside the shackles of stringent prerequisites and bureaucratic convolution. Embrace the path that resonates, for Spain welcomes the workforce with an array of gate.

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Permanent residency is obtained after 5 years of Spanish Residency through Self-Employed Residency or Non-Lucrative Residency, Work-Residency or Residency through Investment. This followed by 5 years as a permanent resident and means you can then obtain Spanish Citizenship with a Spanish Passport.

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