Does health insurance need to be active before you make your residency application?

Aside from all the necessary certificates, documents and their certifications, all Spanish residence applications must be accompanied with a valid international health insurance program covering each applicant.
We are a legal firm with over 17 years in the residence sector, we collaborate with numerous companies who offer insurance services and would be happy to obtain for you a quotation for you from one of these health insurance companies.

Our legal services work together with you to prepare the required all certificates and documents, advise on which ones of these need to be translated and which need to carry an apostle, complete the application documents, attach any other required legal letters, compile the application and make the appointment in the embassy for you to attend and make the application. We will also prepare you for the interview you will receive during the application itself, and once you arrive in Spain, organise appointments for you to complete your residency here.

To employ our legal services, please forward here a copy of the photo pages of each passport you would like to be included in the application and we will reply with an LOE, Letter of Engagement, which once signed and returned as per the description within, will employ our legal services.

Permanent residency is obtained after 5 years of Spanish Residency through Self-Empoyed Residency or Non-Lucrative Residency or Residency through Investment. This followed by 5 years as a permanent resident and means you can then obtain Spanish Citizenship with a Spanish Passport.

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