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EU Decides to Close All Schengen Borders For 30 Days

All Schengen Area Member States have approved a plan proposed by the EU Commission which foresees the closure of the external borders of the territory, for at least a period of 30 days, as the most extreme measure taken by the block to halt the further spreading of the COVID-19.

The final move was announced earlier in a press conference of the President of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyen, and the president of the European Council Charles Michel, who explained that all borders would be closed for a period of 30 days for all non-essential travel.

On the four priorities identified, the first ‘limiting the spread of the Coronavirus’, we endorsed the guidelines proposed by the Commission on border management. We need to ensure passage of medicines, food and goods and our citizens must be able to travel to their home countries. Adequate solutions for cross-border workers will be found. To limit the spread of the virus globally, we agreed to reinforce our external borders by applying a coordinated temporary restriction of non-essential travel to the EU for a period of 30 days, based on the approach proposed by the Commission.” President Michel said.

Permanent residency is obtained after 5 years of Spanish Residency through Self-Empoyed Residency or Non-Lucrative Residency or Residency through Investment. This followed by 5 years as a permanent resident and means you can then obtain Spanish Citizenship with a Spanish Passport.

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