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Did Spanish lawyers really sell Residency Permits?

The newspaper El Pais reported that Spanish lawyers were “selling” Spain residency permits to Iranians. (Oct 2016)
This article put the reputation of certain Spanish lawyers in the spotlight and this section of the industry into question.

The article suggested that some unethical legal experts were providing inaccurate information to potential applicants in respect to the types of residency permits and the rights obtained under each permit. For example, a residency permit holder had blamed their lawyer for not being truthful with regards to the requirement of spending a minimum of 6 months in Spain to obtain renewals.

It is the case however, that these claims ended up as only headlines, and no lawyer nor legal firm was brought to justice by the claims reported.

With this in mind however, it is our strong recomendation that any information received regarding immigration and the obligations to be carried our during any residency application, need be taken from a reliable source, and ideally from a lawyer.

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