Brexit Regret Soars


A new survey by YouGov shows how Brexit Regret Soars with a significant rise in British nationals regretting the decision to leave the EU. Over 55% now prefer to remain, compared to 31% in favour of leaving. Remarkably, 18% of initial leave voters have changed their stance and would now vote to stay if a referendum were to be held again.

Interest in staying in the EU has steadily grown, reaching 55% in 2023 from 49% in 2021. Conversely, the number of respondents uncertain about their voting choice remains unchanged at 13%.

Among those who voted to leave the EU in 2021, the survey reveals a decrease from 81% to 73% in 2023, while those who chose to remain have doubled to 18% in 2022. The percentage of uncertain leave voters has increased by one point.

An alarming 57% of Britons now believe the 2016 decision to leave the EU was wrong, marking YouGov’s highest recorded figure to date. Comparatively, 32% consider it the right decision, with 19% of Leave voters now admitting it was wrong.

Furthermore, 70% of respondents express discontent with the government’s handling of Brexit. Dissatisfaction has been on the rise since 2021, while approval rates have been consistently declining, hitting a low of 18%.

The impact of leaving the EU on the British economy is evident, with OECD data showing a 0.4% decrease in GDP growth since 2019, in contrast to positive growth in countries like Germany and France, which experienced increases of 0.3% and 1.1% in economic growth during the same period.

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