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Can Spanish companies operate in all the EU?

Does holding Residency in Spain, a Spain Visa or Spanish Citizenship allow me the right to establish or expand a business to operate in the EU?

Once your Residency in Spain is obtained, Spain will provide you as an EU base with a modern and competitive corporate taxation system from where, as a resident, you can establish or expand your own company.

With a corporation tax of 30%, the lowest rate since 2008 and a reduced tax rate of 20% for profits up to €300,000, 25% for profits above, Spain provides a competetive environment from where you can establish and grow your own business within the EU as a Spanish Citizen.

Non-Resident corporations or legal entities will not be subject to Spanish Corporation Tax and moreover to the Income Tax for Non-Resident Tax Payers.

To this end, a corporation is deemed to be resident in Spain should any of the following criteria apply:

  • incorporated according to the Spanish laws
  • registered office is situated in Spain
  • centre of effective management is situated in Spain


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