Do documents which accompany your application for residency in Spain need to be legalized and how can this be done?

In Spain all residency applications need to be accompanied by a series of certificates and documents which demonstrate the legal status of each applicant in their country of citizenship or residency.

Aside from being translated, these accompanying documents must be legalised and carry an apostle which verify them to be valid and original.

The process to apostle and certify these documents should be carried out in an establishment of authority from their country of origin and because of this are best made by the applicant themself.

As part of our legal services and to assist specifically with this, we work together with our clients to advise on which documents need to accompany the application, which need to be translated, which need to carry an apostle to make them legal and advise on what other legal communication will be required to make a successful application.

Would you like us to assist with your residency application in Spain?

Please send us a message below and we will legally advise on how you can proceed.

Permanent residency is obtained after 5 years of Spanish Residency through Self-Empoyed Residency or Non-Lucrative Residency or Residency through Investment. This followed by 5 years as a permanent resident and means you can then obtain Spanish Citizenship with a Spanish Passport.

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