All available residency profiles

Investor-Residency (Golden Visa)

This permit requires an investment of at least 500.000€ in Spanish property (one or several).

  • It is also possible to apply by depositing €1,000,000 in a Spanish bank account.
  • Applications can be made with the spouse & children under 18 years
  • After 10 years of residency it is also possible to obtain permanent residency and citizenship.

Self-Employed Res (Business owner)

Start or Expand your own business & obtain Permanent Residency in Spain.

  • It is possible to apply with your spouse and children who are dependents.
  • You are required to have a business plan and enough funds to set-up and live for the duration of the first period (1 year).
  • Once you have achieved 5 years as a Self-Employed resident, the renewal of your permit be issued as a permanent resident card.
  • Must spend more than 6 months in Spain to be eligible for renewal.

Non-Lucrative Residency (Retirement)

This residency has no-requirement of employment.

  • This residency is for applicants who wish to retire in Spain, or for those that are able to conduct their business remotely
  • It is possible to apply with the spouse and children who are dependents
  • There are 3 periods of validity, after which the applicant, meeting certain criteria, can be eligible for a permanent residency card.
  • You are required to have a residence, either rented or in ownership.
  • It may take in the region of 45 days to get the required application paperwork ready. Then between 3 – 8 weeks to be approved.

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