Golden Visa Applicants in Spain To Comply with Anti-Money Laundering Laws

According to a recent Guardian newspaper article, business executives implicated in a Brazilian corruption scandal and relatives of an Angolan politician who has been accused of bribery have secretly bought access to Europe via the government of Portugal. These individuals, implicated in various degrees of corruption scandals managed to somehow secure access to a Golden Visa permit to Portugal, easily getting through the filters of the Portuguese Consulates in Brazil, as well as in Luanda (Angola).

It appears that the Portuguese consulates failed to detect the involvement of said applicants in corruption cases.

Spain’s Golden Visa programme evaluates applicants by accessing national criminal records’ as well as international databases. These applicants are also required to comply with anti-money laundering national laws when buying property in Spain, a requirement that is to be strictly observed by intervening lawyers, bankers, real estate agencies and property developers.

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